Video Editing

Drive results with video that would-be-customers can’t help but respond.

Matrimont Offers:

Professional Video Editing

Professional Filming and Audio

Photo Shoots

Full Film setup

“I have referred Matrimont to many of my own clients and to numerous friends. They have been absolutely amazing at meeting the company in the middle and working with them to really develop a solid return on investment. They are a young company but so ambitious that they learn quicker and deliver faster than any of their competitors. Their work is flawless and they work hard, with many iterations, to get it that way. I strongly encourage going with Matimont for your website, Video editing and digital marketing!”

-Benjamin Ranieri 

Why Matrimont Video Editing?

Looking for high quality impactful videos that get immediate notice and enjoy enduring longevity?  Matrimont’s innovative and creative visionaries will deliver compelling professional animations, motion graphics and video editing. From voice overs and audio post-production to scriptwriting and video editing, The Matrimont team of experienced video producers will deliver scalable, affordable, high-quality video solutions, and more! Matrimont believes that a unique and compelling story is at the heart of your company brand.  This story is your most valuable, and perhaps most overlooked sales asset.  It is what distinguishes you from your competition and makes you stand out as unique and noteworthy.