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A comprehensive, nuts and bolts, A to Z, full service website care and maintenance plan.  We’ll take care of everything, even the proverbial “kitchen sink”!

We’ll start with coordinating and managing the transfer of your WordPress website files and database, domain modifications and implementation of security protocols.

Performance. Once your site is up and running, we’ll make sure that it is indeed running, and not walking, or limping. We’ll monitor the site’s performance and identify weaknesses.  We’ll enable page caching, test for page load speed and explore ways to optimize where needed.

Security. We’ll make sure your site is locked down, with regular scans for potential security weakness. We’ll plug common holes, stop automated attacks, strengthen user credentials. We will monitor your website regularly for WordPress and plugin updates and make sure they are applied without interruption to website’s uptime

Backups. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic loss, or even an inadvertent loss of data, we’ll have you covered with daily backups and restore points.

Website Analytics. We will implement Google analytics to track website traffic and provide reports with in-depth detail about the site visitors.

Content Updates. Then, moving forward, we’ll manage your regular content updates. Let us know if you need to edit a page, post an image or add a new feature. We’ll take care of it.We take care of it all, so you don’t have to!

SEO. We will analyze your current SEO status and offer tweaks and updates as needed.

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We focus on the needs of small to middle market businesses, not the Fortune 500.
We work closely with you to understand your goals and then develop your entire business plan.
Successful businesses understand who represents good customers and mediocre customers.
Own success at every turn. Uncover and deliver on opportunities that build lasting value.