Social Media Management

Develop Brand awareness and win your Market

Matrimont Offers:

Social Account Creation and Customization

More Followers and Increased Activity

Content Creation for Organic growth

Optimization and Monitoring

“We needed to refocus our business approach and attract larger contracts to accommodate our new business strategy. Changing the way clients envisioned our services was no small task and we where unsure of how to make the transition we needed. Matrimont efficiently, economically and effectively brought us new leads to maximize our profits and build a portfolio of clients using the new services we offered.

-John Price President of Escapes!

Why Use Social Media?

Did you know that 3.69 Billion people use Social media! In the 21st century social media is the place everyone goes in their spare time, sometimes even when they are supposed to be doing something else, like working!  More and more people are spending countless hours on social media each day. By promoting yourself on social media you open yourself up to a massive audience of individuals who can view your content, reach out to you and become paying customers. Build a Following, Drive Engagement, Generate Leads.

Struggling to Grow on


Are your social media accounts stagnating?  Are you not seeing a satisfactory level of growth and activity on Facebook and Instagram.  Matrimont will assess what you need to thrive and implement a strategic plan to boost your online presence. Start increasing your followers, get more likes, generate more leads and grow your brand today.