Website Design in Front of Royal

Website Design in Front of Royal

To all the business owners in Front Royal and beyond looking to have a better website! Having a good website is huge for your online presence, that is, your website, social media, articles, and more! Having a strong online presence increases the likelihood of your success. Here are some tips from Matrimont to help you make a good choice when creating your website.

A small-business owner who neglects his / her website could be leaving huge marketing opportunities on the table. A great website can be one of the most cost-effective and effective marketing channels around. Here’s a way to create a visually appealing website for your business that is unique and represents your business in a way that is special.

Clean Website Design: The Ultimate Fast Track To A Killer Website

Clean Website Design

Use simple colors, a clean layout, and make sure your design stands out from the crowd. As the first thing potential customers see when they visit your website, the homepage is typically the most important part of a small business website. Your homepage should make a strong first impression, and begin to answer the questions new visitors will be asking, such as who you are, what your business is, and what they can do on your website. Consider the impression you want to make and the message you want to communicate to your customers and potential customers in the Front Royal area. The key is not to overwhelm your customer with too much info on the first page of your website. Make it easy to read and easy to navigate. A simple headline should appear at the top of the page and a sub-header below it.  Explain your main idea or point in a clear concise manner.  


The Anatomy of a Great Website Layout

Your products and services should be the first thing people see on your website, so it’s important to showcase them well. Your homepage should clearly and prominently feature the products or services that you are selling. It should do so in an enticing manner. Professional or stock photos or videos are an important part of any small business marketing campaign. All small businesses should include them in their campaigns. Make sure the product photos or graphical images are clear and crisp and that the descriptions are appropriate for the product. Ideally, display your products in their natural habitat.  Matrimont specializes in clean and effective website design.

Website Speed

Matrimont website Speed

Make sure your site loads quickly by considering the speed of your server. If people are going to put their trust in you, they need to know you are reliable and will deliver what you promise. A website that loads slowly gives the impression your business isn’t trustworthy, and people will not give you the time or effort to learn more about you or your company. Servicing the Front Royal area, Matrimont offers fast hosting services with quick page load times. If your website needs an overhaul, make sure to audit it regularly. Do a visual audit of your website and the images and text. Also make sure your site is optimized for the correct keywords.

Amazing Content

Without good content, your site might never get found by the customers you want to reach. If your site isn’t “snappy” (written in plain English) your visitors will leave in droves. If a visitor is looking for information on your product or service and the first headline reads: “Why you should buy our product!” he / she will most likely not want to continue reading. If however the headline reads: “7 ways to avoid a divorce!” they are more likely to be interested in your product and what you have to say. Keep the content fresh and up-to-date by adding information such as product updates, new features, price changes, and business hours. Users will stay active and engaged with your site if they see you are doing everything possible to make your site an accurate and useful reflection of your business.


It’s no wonder smartphone users are so loyal to their platforms. They are quickly becoming the dominant online traffic source. And, it’s not close. Forrester Research projects by 2021, mobile traffic will represent 73.3% of all online traffic. This means that mobile device use now dominates desktop computer use. It’s important that your website is accessible from any screen, and especially when that screen is a phone. Read this book for practical tips on improving the usability of your site for people who have vision impairment or other disabilities.

Websites Being Mobile Optimized

Declan O’Reilly, Chief Marketing Strategist for Matrimont, says that, “Mobile is really not the future, it is the now and it is upon us.” In the United States, mobile phone usage for web browsing alone surpassed the number of people using a standard computer back in 2011. “Mobile devices such as smartphones are used by more than 70 percent of shoppers who make purchases in-store or to check online reviews and prices before the store visit. It doesn’t matter how compelling your website copy is if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices. Google actually penalizes websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Matrimont is a leading developer of mobile responsive websites. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your site could be demoted or even eliminated from the top results on a relevant search. Users often access mobile websites using slow, weak internet connections. This makes it difficult for visitors to use your website if it isn’t optimized for mobile, and it puts a big dent in your bottom line. Create a mobile website design that loads quickly so consumers don’t have to wait long for it to load. The world is now mobile-first – and that’s why you need an optimized, mobile responsive website.